Backgammon tutorial

backgammon tutorial

Backgammon Seminar 1. Tutorial 1 · German Flag Viele Backgammon - Anfänger machen den Fehler und tun alles um Ihre Spielsteine in Sicherheit zu. Backgammon Tutorial 1: Run! (Right?) A lot of beginning backgammon players make the mistake to do anything they can to put their own checkers at safe. The "Brain Busters" beginner tutorial series offers three new backgammon positions in each article, problems that we believe to be challenging and worthy of. backgammon tutorial

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Thinking ahead can result in fewer positions in which this can occur. All the positions in this tutorial are based upon this starting diagram. Auch ein Pasch muss soweit wie möglich aufgebraucht werden. Now, using the same numbers as before, , , , , bear-off or down safely to arrive at the position shown in Diagram 5a. The dice are never added together in backgammon, they remain individual but they can be used in sequence to form a greater number.


Beginner Backgammon Tutorial - 3 - Hitting and Re-Entering Don't cheat by looking at the correct answer, write them all. These various beginner-oriented backgammon tutorials, written by various backgammon experts, will help new players of the game. Blots in your home board are in great danger against opposition and must be avoided wherever possible. Backgammon For Beginners - Part III. Set up your home board as in Diagram 5 with white holding your 1-point with three checkers and assume that white will hit any blots you expose. You are behind with 38 pips and it will be extremely important to hold an enchor so you can get a chance to hit your opponent and to come back in the race. Bearing Off - The End Of The Game Diagram 1 Set up sevenventure backgammon board as quizfragen spiel Diagram backgammon tutorial.


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